Workshops for schools, 
choirs, and vocal groups
Corporate events

Workshops with Basix

Basix has developed 3 different types of workshops

  • School workshops
  • Workshops or masterclasses for vocal groups and choirs
  • Corporate events

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“We have seen several school concerts in our area, and this workshop was definitely the best”
Eva Leergaard, Assistant principal, Rauma School

Eva Leergaard, Assistant principal
Rauma School

“Some students decided to see 2 school concerts with Basix on the same day AND went to the evening concert as well. This is not something our students normally do!! I highly recommend this workshop concert for all schools” “

Teacher, Molde School

”We would like to recommend these charming Danes to all schools. It is an experience we will remember for a long time ”

2 students, Molde School

“We have had many great experiences through the school concert system, but Basix is, in my opinion, the highest quality we have seen”

Oskar Skulstad,
Department leader
Fagerlia School